Who dat?

Who dat?

I understand the concept but the flaw most of time, is the mistake of correlating cognitive functions and quantum mechanics. One causes the other.. a lapse in memory details must mean an alternative universe exists. It's like saying melted metal is fluid because of gravity.

She looks like she's been riding motorcycles everyday for 50 years without a face shield..through sand and rocks

When she was 19 she was hot, but fucked everyone. I'm assuming.

Her body isn't bad at all for her age.. I bet she was smoking back in the day

Don't ask don't Tell a baby bird fell in the well.

I think it was a squirrel.

There's this one lady that goes to the shelter with me. One time I saw something hanging from her ass when she walked. You could see it sticking out under her pants.. it looked like a hard tail.

Did you close a nipple in a door?

You could always chainsaw into smaller portions. Nothing like a nice cold beer while chainsawing fat chicks.