This is my mugshot pic. I was arrested for indecent exposure.

You should never store stew near a fan.

I will do these things to any girl who's name doesn't rhyme with Stew Fan.

Unless she has something in her pussy and you DID hit something. Then it's just something. I thought my dick was longer, no you just hit the bag of coke in my pussy. Pussy coke.

I found my mugshot on the internet. I was arrested for indecent exposure near a school but it was dropped down to assault after rubbing my dick on the police. They only dropped it down because I couldn't pay.

Hey woman ...Hymen

Google tracks everything you do you know. And stores it in a data warehouse in Langley where the air force headquarters is located, the CIA, and NSA. Google is a branch of government now. I like zebra cakes smashed into my butt crack.

She talked it out with herself to make sure she was seeing her self.