On Pussy

That guy anal raped me at sword point

On Pussy: That shits like voodoo magic psychological brain fuck cookies.

Fair advice.I'll try not to slip on the stones.

She's hot. I want her to live under this bridge with me. She said she wasn't a leprechaun.

Op.. I found Clare too. Seems she's put on a few pounds. Must be eating too many scones.

Sometimes I sneak into pools. They smell like bleach.

Does Google smell like shit too? I smell like shit. I have not taken a shower in about 7 years.

I hope not. Shit is hard to get out of and it's a slippery slope of foul odor.

Too much finger banging does that to a person.

I got $62.00 begging near the highway today. Not one black dick was sucked.