Shit Tom Says IV

Bring it litto bitch

He ain't punch shit. I anal rape that ho.

Mm hmm cream them shit up. These fools ain't no they ass from a doorknob.

Nigga talk bout shhot this and cut that, they punks. I put this dick in yo ass, instant death mix. Game over fool.

Hell yeah I ho it up nigga. Ho. It. up.

I would nut in this ho any day the week. That make her RIGHT.

Bitch got snack back up. Ain't matter you find one, she got a notha.

How bout yes cause everbody love chicken

Shit funnay right there!

Let's do it, and say we do it.

Kenneth pull up them draws boy!

I will God damn stroke out if I God damn please sista. I ganna doit right now. I strokin out. Right. Now.

You know Ashley make me hard. Make me HARD. And when she bitch. That make me hard to.

Damn it.. I've been doing it wrong.

You is a beatoful asshole woman.

Sorry I aint speak "white lady".