Shit Tom says III

You all mo fos need Jesus

Fuck da bitch let the bitch go be dum some otha place.

Tom interduce you wat porn be woman.

She be like Tom! Toooom! Tom! Clean up that shit on the floor in the bathroom! Take this lettuce to the freeza! Take out the trash! Tie yo shoes!

OK gots to go boss lady bout to blow her coochie.

Mm hmm I calls it as I sees it

You have yo self a good day too miss thang

Sound like Tom bout to get a whoopin, I ain't need no whoopin. I giys to get back to work. Mac donolds ain't clean itself.

Oh I here dat. I be misreadin all da time. Think cause caint read.

Did I stutta?

hey mama thems legs need sum tom?

My man say a mom joke. Hahahahhahaha JC

Jay like talkin shit. What he gain? He go to sleep and jerk-cry himself to sleep.