Shit Tom says II

wite chicks be nasty

I aint musolim, ankle aint turn me on.

Juan a faggot. Why he gun send dick pics to a lady?

You aint right. That aint right. What in holy hell is this BULL shit?

It take you to Tom house. Suzanne Sneathern welcome to Tom house any ol day.

Why everbody keep say this snapchat? Snapchat this. Snapchat that. Aint make no sense no how. Where I buy a snapchat ?

If geriatrics can date, Ol' Tom gonna get him groove on.

Angel Cave? Now who gun call me Angel Cave? Aint nobody. I'll cut a nigga.

HAHA he say he got a ass crack. Who ain't got a asscrack? Cracka got an asscrack.

Woo wee momma

I aint no wat that mean but you is aite too fatty

who dis? u ain NO me

Peopo giv you name I call you Suz o lu a lu lu.

Dis da dude you like? Wat kin o name "Swizi Lixi" Tom name be Tom. People call me Tom. Aint no tom o lom o bom bom. Just Tom.

dude got a gut

i ratha stick my dick in watamelon

OOOHHH WEEE. Who dis fine piece o lady? Wat her name?

wat? wat you mean havin sex with they cousin. oh hell naw