Shit Tom Says

she do lookin happy wif her fine titty

dont fo get da slaw now .. bitch you aint fo get da slaw did ya?

den tell dat bitch make ol tom a sandwich!

everbody done tag sum peopo and you don tag Jerky Beef!!!

dat aint rite

aint no peopo say "colored" no mo. ol tom got wrinkle on he dick olda dan you and ol tom aint say "colored". shoot woman you mean nigga say nigga.

aite were you at? you no i gots a pinto rite? sweet ride

dat too bad Brant ol tom BBC bout averge wite man size

Gale a fishhead?

you aint kill shit mo fo , you a litto bitch.

put me down yo throat .. talkin bout gurgle gurgle gurgle

shoot , I aint shine shit cucksmoke

mo fo said "thar" like he a knight

ell har let me see dem big o biddies

white aint right

damn baby thin dem brows

I heared dat

put litto dat spit right chere .. I point to my dick HAHAAHAAha

Sombod say suck up buttercup ol' tom say fuck you butter fuck.

My favert toy hand down a tv. nobody done say tv.

It's dark out .. caint see shit